Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rewriting/outlines oh my Gawd SOS!!!!

I have 220 more pages to go until I am done my rewrite of my first novel, and each time I think I am on the ball something always snags my momentum, for example this week I realized I don't have a freaking outline all I have been doing was writing quick notes of ideas so on my desk I had so many papers and after a while yep you guessed it I was overwhelmed.

I was confused and didn't know where the quick notes fit into the story, therefore I stopped writing and completed a chapter outline, and added notes on the side of my notebook that will remind me about something later that I might come back to, this has alleviated plenty of stress but then I went on twitter because that is my other obsession and while talking about Dawson Creek with a few awesome tweeps it dawned on me I had not thought about my character arc?

I know her, so I should know how she changes, because all characters must have a change whether that change is good or bad its still a change so back I went into the thinking vault which helped me but yet again I came up with something else.

I am pursueing an agent so I have to write my book as a stand alone and so awesome, but by tieing up all the loose ends to resolve my story, and even though I am done my second novel I cannot think about it, because if I do get an agent, and published and able to continue the story the plot in the second will be totally different so basically to give my first book enough stamina I am cutting and pasting a few climatic scenes.

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