Saturday, March 26, 2011

Turning off the negative switch.

So everyone has heard the buzz about Amanda Hocking and her rise to fame and to be honest I wish that was me then something happened I started thinking "If the traditional route doesn't work I could try her way." Reality hit me like a bag filled with bricks.

Each writer route whether it may seem like fate or whatever an individual will precieve it to be, the fact is what happened to Amanda Hocking was destined to be her route and is a special experience just for her,it doesn't mean I or you cannot use that option but the chance of that outcome happening the same way is slim to maybe none, so the solution is to gain knowledge know your goals from the get go in regards to how you are going to hone your writing, and what route your going to use to get there and believe the impossible that if you dedicate time and effort to hone your craft and never give up what do you have to lose? In addition, know that the biz is changing writers have many options to choose which route will work for them. My route is as follows:

*Polishing my novel with my editor extrodinaire Lynnette Labelle
*Reading everything I can on writing
*Refusing to think about negative views about other writers/authors route and appreciating their works in order for me to learn from them even if the books may not be my cup of tea
*Dedicating time to spending quality time with my family
*chilling out don't think too much about the biz it will still be there years from now, it may be modified to meet the demands of our changing world but I will still have a chance of executing my dream.

So what is your route? How do you plan to get there?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

To be or not to be? The question for writers

I got inspired to write this blog after checking out Mandy Hubbard blog

What is Happiness? Best selling authors might be happy maybe because their investment with their publisher worked out well, dedicated fans support the author but another question crossed my mind everything in life is never a middle ground becoming a bestseller although I am nowhere close to knowing what that feels like I can only guess it comes with a lot of pressure.

As of late I am unagented but Mandy also made me think of that possibility if and when that happens I think it'll be just as hard and and I will have to be knowledgeable about many things in regards to the publishing biz so that I have a positive relationship with my agent. If I get published more thinking happens regarding my career, and then if the book that I loved for so long will it sell? But the main focus for me right now in my early stages of pursueing my publishing dream many things will be out of my control the only thing that is within my control right now is my willingness to learn and consistently working at honing my craft.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


October 26th 2010 I decided to go on a query hiatus to polish my novel, it was a gruelling decision I felt like I was giving up, I was defeated, but then I realized I had not enabled myself to learn, to hone the craft of writing a good enough novel.

I went to my local library and got all the books I could get on writing, then purchased a few books, the best book I got so far that has been giving me plenty of knowledge is WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL by Donald Maass. Funny story when I was querying every agent because I was so eager and was still in a fog that I knew what I was doing, I queried Donald I don't blame him for my swift rejection reading his book I know why now. In addition, to feeding my knowledge about writing I acquired a new editor and learned a horrible lesson research,is so important not just for agents/publishers but editors too,finding a editor that one: loves your story and is a good person that wants your success and not your money.

In addition I got critiqued by the amazing Roni Loren she enabled me to see my first five pages with fresh eyes so to speak and I was able to acknowledge I was not ready to query because my novel was not organized well, the plot had so many holes, the momentum lagged and other issues, I made the typical mistake beginner writers make querying too soon.

I also connected on twitter which is a blessing and a curse I get to meet talented authors, writers and agents but it is addicting so its another thing I have to balance or else I wouldn't get any writing done.

I also let myself take deep exhale and stop freaking out about getting an agent I do want that but however long it takes my first priority is polishing my manuscript, the journey is rough no doubt about it but I can't see myself not writing so if that is the glimmer of hope that keeps me going I will run with it and hope it leads me to my dream coming true, and all I can do as well is be myself no matter what happens.


Recently I got in  debate on social media with a writer, I didn't know this writer I saw his post in my timeline and got worked up prem...