Saturday, May 29, 2010

Luck and perfect timing

The pursuit of gaining an agent is very subjective; luck; timing plays a huge role in the process. What has helped me to continue, simply put it's my strength of thinking that in this vast world we all live in an agent will say "Yes." That is what I am holding onto it's not a glimmer of hope it's all about my continual focus. I love to write, I believe that's the best reason to pursue a career as an writer, without that I don't think the longevity of a career in writing will be possible. It's not about thinking you will be the next best seller on the various notable list or make a crazy amount of money because that may not happen and by far the worst rejection is if an audience does not responds favorably to a novel, therefore again luck and timing is the key.
I really dont think I would have the determination and tenacity to continue with the daunting task of querying and revisions to make my novel sparkle, without the support of my family being my pesonal cheerleaders.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back to business...seeking a literary agent

I am back, fiercer than ever to not make the same mistakes as I did in early March 2010. I sent the most absurd info to agents crazy; word count way past my genre, lets see forgot to space an amazing agents name, or a complete dolt when I sent query to agents that hate YA/Vampire so I have made so many mistakes which was necessary for me to move forward. Here is my helpful hints...well these are more my reminders.
* Know your genre everything about it until it becomes like a third arm
*Word count unless you are a well known author stick to the standard word count as per your genre/non fiction you get my drift
* No gimmicks just shoot the straight and narrow in regards to query letter unless you luck out and someone referred you
*Toughen up it's a subjective business if you fall apart now, stop now it'll get worse...especially critique and rejections
Don't think about other authors who have made it, don't judge them they got published for a reason, and to experience the quest of publishing be humble and have faith in your writing, you know it's awesome dont ever forget that

Last this is my best affirmation to my self...I will remain positive and one day hopefully in my case before I am fourty which I am no where near that age.... an agent will say YES !!! and request the whole MS.

Happy writing=D