Saturday, May 28, 2011


Its Saturday, the kids are at my mother in law for the night so I have loads of time to write and I had a magical number my aim was to get to page 70, even if I cut and paste from the original document that was my goal but there is so much that goes into rewriting firstly, I am finding that reading over what I had written previously or cut and paste helps, it either conjures up new ideas or emphasise on the scene etc and yes that takes a load of time but I came to the conclusion that I did not write my novel in a night it took me a few months and will take me a few more months to make revisions on the rewrite I had done presently. So no pressure or guilt I am not under a deadline each goal I set will be executed so as I am writing my blog I will check off that I made it to page 40 of 100 this portion of my rewrite is the last 100 pages and I am done rewriting the entire book and happy so far the direction I went with my original idea.

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