Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I finished another book, world can you hear me.

I am so happy I have finished technically my third book,(NEW MOON adult ER) the first draft is never the best, but the fact I now have something to work with brings me immense joy, writing is not easy like anything in life worth striving for its always harder, but when that struggle is something that you are passionate about then it makes it worth while.

I will post some excerpts in a few months I have to finish the edits of my first novel and then get this one edited and hopefully 2013-14 I will have four books that are well written and ready to query as well I am estimating I don't know that it will take that long right now that is not something I can control all I can control is simply writing.

Now I have two books left of 2011 that I will finish both YA they are at a half way point so hopefully I will be done one of them in a month and the last one before the spring.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Quickie interview with my ten year old daughter

Q Who are your favorite authors?

I have many the main authors that inspire me are Bronte, Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen

Q What do you like best about writing?

There are so many things I like, most of all I love when you and your little sister are sleeping, the house is quiet and the voices in my mind are transferring onto the computer screen.

Q Can we stop this interview now?

Okay you've had enough, back to playing thank you Jaeana for my first interview I hope in the near future you can read one of my books.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Blogger extraordinaire Roni Loren inspired me to pay homage, on top of being so hawt Jared is also a great artist.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Perception (its my first long post)

Perusing a few blogs lately, I found a few discussions relation to blogging and getting tired, of it Natalie Whipple had a post in which she discussed how exposed she now felt since getting the news she will be published, people assumptions of her etc. Then I read Amanda Hocking Blog in which she spoke about the frustration when in interviews the question focused on how much she made off her e-published books she would like people to focus on the fact she was in love with her novel from its inception. Both discussions are different but not really much of a stretch because both situations relates to the perception of people, the more I learn about the business the more I realize there are things that will be out of my control, and from the experiences I read of other writers/authors the control gets less when they are published, such as deals, an author obviously wants the best advance possible come on we all have to be honest, the flip side of this is that the more you get the more books you'll have to sell to enable the publisher to earn back the advance, its not guaranteed that will happen and only a handful of writers have surpassed the expectations of their debut book, i.e. J.K Rowling, Stephenie Meyer there are plenty more but these are the two presently most people recall.

I believe the key to surviving in the business is trust. First trust in your dream and willingness to never give up, I have been pursuing my dream since June 2009, back then like most aspiring writers I didn't take it serious and queried way too early, you can check previous post how this went, you will likely guess right, it didn't go good.

Secondly if and when I am agented/published I plan continuing trusting the people around me that will help me at my dream, in addition, focus on the pro and cons so speak of decisions that come your way, the fact of human nature is that no one can control what a person says, if you are in a setting in which you can fake smile and then walk away without giving the person the satisfaction is sweet but rare. For writers that too is rare you can't control assumptions or bad reviews, I recently got upset when I read a review for an awesome upcoming writer if you haven't checked her out do so she also talked about blogging and other perspectives on this topic as well. Roni Loren

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I finally did it added my signature this took so long to figure out, I am working on epilogue of my first novel, ten pages almost at my goal, but its not easy writing a epic fight scene, I had to have one antagonist I had two basically the first one was giving orders to the antagonist of the main character, it didn't work for my story so I had to finish him off.

Nanowrimo novel/SUBHUMANS

Man time flies, soon Nanowrimo, I have done the outline of the story that will be difficult for me to write because of the premise but I am so passionate about it, so hopefully this year I will get to the goal of 50K and who knows maybe in the future I'll query it. Okay I am still on my blog respite but I had to announce this, if you are participating this year good luck, have fun writing.

Playlist for this novel.
30 Seconds To mars-Closer The Edge
30 Seconds To Mars-A Call To Arms
30 Seconds To Mars-Beautiful Lie

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Character Cars

I came out of my blog respite to talk about cars, those that know me cannot deny my love of cars, this post is dedicated to the FAST AND THE FURIOUS my husband and I favorite movie although my reason for loving it is this piece of manhood (shhh don't reveal my secret)

Now for the cars/Motorcylce in my book
(Elizabeth's car after she's ...

Image source: Google images I didn't put the model of the vehicles this may change so for now thses are the inspiration for my characters

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blog respite

I am on a blog break, I won't be gone long, I need the break to finish hopefully four books, or realistically one book before the Christmas break, I struggled with this decision because blogging is integral for writers, but my distractions of wanting to conclude my wip (adult ER) had been taking that time and I cannot blame my muse because it has been awesome for me and my ten plus pages per night.


Recently I got in  debate on social media with a writer, I didn't know this writer I saw his post in my timeline and got worked up prem...