Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Waiting to Exhale F%^&*

I am not back for long, just wanted to drop by the ole blog, man this year has been hard the saying is so true for my life now when it rains it pours, dealing with a disrespectful and revengeful coworker to a stranger that I had a small fender bender with that is trying to hustle money. I was thinking the other day have I been under a freaking rock, in which I just realized how heinous people can be in life, or maybe I was naive at any rate my strength to push on has been tested, but I cannot falter I have dreams to chase and also reality check I am a mom, a wife and I must live, so as I approach my summer holidays, two months off and a wonderful vacay in sunny Jamaica mon, I will look back at the year and say I did it, made it through day by day even though in the moment I felt like the darkness of my experiences was suffocating me, I know that I am not the only one that endures stuff like this and someone somewhere is going through worst shituations (no spelling error I just made up this word)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lending a hand to hope

Natalie Bahm has been promoting a amazing event in support of a beautiful child please click on the link to read the important event, I must come out of my semi-blogger hiatus to help spread the word. I hope plenty of people, writers who stumble upon this post will consider offering support by checking out the auction. Here is the information from Natalie's blog about Jayden. Jayden Huynh is a seventeen-month-old little boy who has already survived four surgeries--two bowel, one heart, one gastric-- due to a combination of congenital problems, including Hirschsprung's disease and other issues that are still in the process of being diagnosed. Despite the best efforts of his doctors and family, Jayden has failed to gain enough weight to make it to even the 1st percentile. He only weighs 6.6 kilograms (14.5 pounds) and his low weight is affecting his organ's ability to function. His doctors are considering put him on TPN treatment (IV feeding) which carries its own dangers. The greatest risk to survival is sepsis at the site of his IV port, so Jayden's family need to convert a room in their home into a treatment room that can be kept separate and as sterile as possible in order to give him the best possible chance. This will include buying a small refrigerator/freezer to store the TPN, cabinets for storing medical supplies, a changing table for Jayden, a steam cleaning unit to keep the surfaces as clean as possible, and other supplies. Jayden's family have started a fund to try and raise money to set up this room, and are hoping to hold an auction to make it possible. Because Jayden's grandmother is a writer and an artist, they are hoping to gain donations from people in these industries to auction. Anything useful would be gratefully accepted, whether it be critiques, books, swag, etc. Because of the international nature of the auction, donors would need to be willing to ship items directly to their auction's winner, if it involves goods. We will provide information and links to the donor's websites, etc. along with each auction. The auction is set to begin on June 2 and will probably run for about a week. We've already had some awesome stuff donated, including agent critiques and phone calls, author critiques, signed books, jewelry and art. It's going to be amazing. Mark your calendars. If you feel you can donate anything for the auction or pass this along to friends who might want to help, it would be so appreciated. You can email me if you have an item or critique that you'd like to donate at nataliebahm (at) yahoo.com. If you'd like to help and you have nothing to donate you can always say a prayer, send good wishes to the family, or spread the word! We have a facebook account, a twitter account, and a blog you can follow, like, retweet, or repost. Jayden is such a brave little boy and his family has been through so much already. I know they're already overwhelmed by thie kindness the writing community has shown. We hope this auction will take a tiny bit of the financial pressure off of them, so they can focus on caring for Jayden. Thank you so much, for taking the time to read this. Source: http://nataliebahm.blogspot.ca/

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Writing when feeling horrible

I am enduring a terrible situation at work in which my emotions have fluctuated from anger to sadness to disbelieve, I didn't feel the need to write, my muse was not flowing ideas, I felt like a dark cloud was over me, I really wanted to give in and accept that it was okay, but I didn't because I realize my emotions was not caused by writers block and I went over the situation and realized I wasn't going to let it defeat my dream, so I wiped my tears and wrote, now likely what I wrote will be cut eventually, because I will realize it either didn't make sense or didn't do the scene justice and I like to give a decent effort even when I write my first draft. Faith is also really good, believing the ugly situation I am faced with will be rectified and it will be a horrible memory that would eventually leave my thoughts if I let my emotions get the best of my dream of getting published if and when that happens how would I cope with certain things like deadlines, reviews, or other task, now I am not saying its never okay to take time to oneself but for me I feel writing helps me cope it is my outlet to deal with stress it is the career that I hope one day will be something I do on a full time.


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