Monday, August 29, 2011

My journey progress report

I woke up this morning wondering this strange question, does the length of a writers journey towards publication determine the yearning for the goal, and I don't think so, some writers gain an agent fast, get a book deal after that again I believe its luck, good timing but more important the writer honed her craft.

I will use the journey of Stephenie Meyer who I believe had the easiest journey, finishing a book in three months gaining an agent shortly afterwards and few months after that landed a nice deal with her publisher, and most people in the world knew what happened after that TWILIGHT exploded into the hands of preteens, their mothers and every one's else curiosity.

I won't Lie I fell for TWILIGHT because all my students were talking about it, I liked the first it was cute, safe and the rest may not be my cup of tea but it was still a pleasant read. What people may not understand is perhaps her journey included compacting huge hours to research, to finish her drafts which I don't think is a easy feat on top of being a mother, I am a mother too and juggling duties is hard, but we do it anyways.

What I know for a fact is that each writers journey will be different and most of us will have to write several books before we get an agent,published, I don't feel bad about that the key is to believe in yourself. When I began to have moments which I broke down because I want to be published so bad I knew at that point my goal was real to me, and I made a goal of working on my goal seriously which meant going on a query hiatus to hone my writing, fix the plot issues etc.

I am still on a query hiatus but I have finished the rewrite of my first novel, I have passed the 100 page mark on three various WIP that scare but thrill me because I am writing out of my comfort zone, I also read like crazy I hate to hear when big time authors state they don't have time to read that could be true if they have a demanding schedule but reading is joint with writing and it supports other authors.

I recently purchased two of Megan Hart's books DEEPER and NAKED I finished NAKED in three hours that's how amazing it was but I am partial to erotic romance about interracial couples, and I am reading DEEPER which is different not what I expected at first i.e plot caught me by surprise which is great that's what great writing should do make the reader on edge not knowing what will happen. Reading helps hone the craft but also writing which right now is the only thing I can control, the sacrifices I have to make though is to organize my writing time, I cannot write during the week because I have to work, and then in the evening I go to the gym so the weekends is when I will cram (that's why outlining comes in handy) I have a week before I go back to work so I am cramming now like I was given a sentence of a week to write.

As always write with joy and plenty of chocolate

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Reviews is one of the scary things for writers, its subjective just like most things i.e agents wish list/publishers wish list what I don't understand is why someone would critique an arc? An arc still needs tweaking before the release date, and arcs can work or go against a writer.

Since deciding I wanted to become a writer my skin is thick like an alligator's skin, when I resume querying (and resume the turbulence in my stomach) eventually hopefully before I am forty I will get my yes.

Back to my topic on reviews, the only thing an author can do is to take it with a grain of salt and move on and write, and write not everyone in the world will like a book and that's why book stores are flooded with a eclectic array of books, the journey is rough but the great moments should be savoured and always repeat the reason you chose to be a writer is because you love it with your heart and soul.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Self actualization

List of anxieties

Quitting career and write all day (I haven't lost it yet this will not happen because its not realistic)
I wish I had more eyes to read my TBR pile of books ( I don't feel so bad I think many writers feel this way)
I wish I was a vampire so I never have to sleep
Published then become mega superstar writer (ZZZZZZZ)
Find mega superstar agent (hone my craft, polish, polish, polish)
Chillax and take time to learn, to grow and hope for the best

So no more stress I will make it work I always do and the point of my journey is to enjoy the love of writing without that it won't be worth it.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday and dreams

This Sunday is my birthday, I am not a huge birthday person meaning I don't go crazy for gifts, rather spending time with my family, watching movies or getting some rest and relaxation while the hubby takes the kids out means more. But I did get gifts that meant a lot because my kids and husband understood me, by getteing me the latest adaptation of Jane Eyre, few other romance movies, and Adele CD to refresh my muse and the gift of time to write to read to sleep.

Tomorrow I will have a fun filled day with my family at Canada's Wonderland I have taking a pause at the gym because I always breach my diet when I go there the funnel cake is the most naughtiest treat but its the best.

Monday I am back on track and look forward to another year where there is endless possibilities for my dreams.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Last year I signed up for WriteOnCon. I learned so much from amazing writers/authors and got my query critique which helped me realize I was not ready to submit my manuscript, the query was good, and I still have it, and will only make a few tweaks to make it sparkle. The problem was my opening and at that time I had the dreary prologue so a year has passed I cannot believe it and the conference is back so check it out. I have been busy trying hard to finish the transfer of ECLIPSE which I rewrote last year and I am so happy revisions really work, no book can be truly great without several revisions. I am also happy that I have the most amazing editor that is tough but is so smart at times I am scared because I let myself get overwhelmed and have to talk myself into calming down and stop stressing about things I cannot control like the publishing biz/gaining a agent what I can control right now is honing my craft and having faith my dream will come true one day. Goals for Fall/Winter is to get in a reasonable schedule with my critique partners so that I can get feedback and I hope 2012 I will be able to submit it and also start the revisions on my adult WIP. It feels good to attain goals and as a writer any level of accomplishment is worthy of self praise. Write with joy and if need be plenty of chocolate.

Friday, August 12, 2011

In the wrath of stress

This week has been an epic stressful week, starting with blogger having a hiccup which made me think that my blog was hacked into so I created a new blog and email.

My life felt even worse when Thursday I was upstairs in my bedroom and logged onto my old email which is saved and surprise I was able to get back into my email and 1oo+ messages, this got me thinking I am pursuing a new career into a life that can get pretty stressful deadlines, pressures and the ultimate stress if a book doesn't sell well that may impact an author's career or advance with their second book.

I am no where near that point because I have not gained an agent yet, and on a query hiatus so that I could polish my first novel and write a few more.

On Thursday when I was at the mall with my girls and a man came behind me and covered my face with his hands, my heart shot out of my mouth and so many thoughts went through my head which was kick the SOB in the area where the sun don't shine, and also my precious girls, when the idiot took his hand off my face which seemed like an eternity he looked at me and then his eyes widened and he said repeatedly how sorry he was he thought I was someone else I could not talk I was so shaken up I walked with my legs that felt like jelly, the man kept apologising and I told him it was fine meaning get the hell away from me.

I am still frazzled then I got mad at myself for not reporting him to security but after I calmed down I believed the man was telling the truth and its not the first time someone has mistaken me I guess I am a doppelganger for a lot of people particularly black Nigerian women. So I survived and after all that I still have the strength to write.

Monday, August 8, 2011


The greatest joy that I have experienced lately is my ten year old telling me she wants to become a writer, even discussing querying (I almost fell to the floor) and started writing a middle grade book (I fell to the floor.) I have always been the type of mother that encouraged my children to believe in themselves and they can do whatever they set their heart to, and although they know I am obsessively at times working on honing my craft I never pressure them to follow my path or let writing get in the way of spending time with them. My writing time is on weekend after everything is done and during the ten months I work it's at night when they are in bed. I am thrilled and I don't think its something she is focus on now I really believe she is serious about writing her first book.

So have you inspired anyone to write?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Traditional versus Indie Publishing

Recently I was snooping on the web as all writers should do, whether its for research or simply to procrastinate which sometimes is my worst habit , anyways back on topic I came upon a well known author who I will not mention even though their decision was made public I choose not to place that info on my blog, not that what I am about to say is demeaning but I do not want to possibly offend this author.So the author after years of publishing his/her books he/she decided to go the self publishing route I must say my head did turn all the way, she/he explained about back listed books that had ran its course and he/she wanting more freedom so to speak to write what he/she wants to write without the constraints of publisher. Right now as an aspiring writer it would be a dream come true to get an agent and then published but there are many facets of the business that I have to consider one: not all the books I will love will also be adored by potential agent/publisher I may be rejected on all my concept and will have to write a book that potential publisher suggest. Then we get into what the he/she author discussed back list now unless you are J.K Rowling or Stephenie Meyer back listed books that publishers utilize to gain more income is very difficult presently. I think it is because only the latter authors that I mentioned have the good luck, fame to still profit after years of their books being published most new authors may not get that opportunity. Knowing all this and many more information each day does that change my route, right now it doesn't because I am still being patient, still honing my craft and still stubborn that one day an awesome agent will love my first maybe tenth book and even better a awesome publisher will love my 11th or 20th book no one knows what will happen its a dash of luck, timing, a great concept, and execution of right publisher etc but I will never shun those writers that decide to take the indie route there have been many successful stories of indie authors getting recognition and publishing deals from major publishing houses. If another author/writer ever asked me what I think I will say for them to do what they feel is right and to weigh the good and the bad because that's what life is about.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Silent Lake Respite

Silent Lake the most beautiful park in Ontario, I went there so many times as a child, although my kids do not share the same adoration as I do for nature, my oldest daughter complained about the bugs, the heat, and the fact we were roughing it without showering everyday the youngest got sick and so one of the three days I was holding a bucket by her mouth. I feel as a parent the more I expose my daughters to many different things they will be able to hopefully be able to appreciate the many wonderfully choices life has to offer, and its nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Recently I got in  debate on social media with a writer, I didn't know this writer I saw his post in my timeline and got worked up prem...