Monday, May 23, 2011

Novel Review

Author: Ruthie Robinson
2010 Indigo Spectrum
An imprint of Genesis Press, Inc
Genre: Multicultural, Contemporary Romance
Sensuality: Sizzling

Back flap blurb
Stephen Stuart and Reye Jackson are in their final year of University, when she stumbled upon him while waiting in first class check in line at the airport and was immediately attracted to Stephen , from the get go Reye had few mishaps Stephen was a gentleman and offered her a helping hand, and then him offering her an empty seat next to him made Reye developed a spark for Stephen. (I will not give away the spoiler what happened next it was perfect)

In Austen, Texas they meet up and Stephen decided to date Reye but made it clear it was stictly sex until they graduated, after graduation as promised he broke it off with Reye this shattered Reye who at this point was in love with Stephen.

So the story of how I got this book is not strange typical Saturday run to library to stack up on new books to read and research, last-minute before I checked out my books I noticed this cute little book, the cover did nothing for me, I wasn’t enticed by the white attractive male and a pretty black female, but it wasn’t hard to formulate what the book would be about an interracial couple struggling to be together. (I was right.)

Stephen was wealthy and at a very young age it was drilled to him by his parent’s to study law , Reye on the other hand had always struggled with school but her parents drilled in her as well the importance of education and she wanted to become a teacher so she could help other students who struggled throughout school, here are the reasons I was hooked.

The love interest had the same name of my love interest in my novel ECLIPTIC DREAMS *Stephen*
They have the same issues he is wealthy and his parents want him to study business and later run the family business
Although my book is a YA paranormal romance it tackled the same issues such as Elizabeth my main character not feeling secure in her relationship with Stephen because she feared the world would judge them because he is white and she is biracial
There is a break up also in my book in which my main character Elizabeth knows that she is better off with Stephen but didn’t want to take the risk which is what Reye experienced as well.
So that was the hook for me reading a book that had similar plot and conflict as my own which made me learn a lot I read this book from 11p.m.-3a.m. I rarely do that the last book I read all night was Mockingjay by the phenomenal Suzanne Collins. The book I wouldn’t consider it erotica, I interpreted the sex scenes as two people needing each other like a magnetic current and creatively expressed that via their romps in many places.

I have never read erotica but the scenes was tastefully written ( I would never do half of the positions or techniques that was described in the book but that’s why fiction is so amazing it transfers readers into that fantasy.)

I felt the two characters in love from the moment the writer introduced them, the plot was easy to figure out and I never got the sense it was the type of romance story in which the author wanted to keep her readers on the edge of thinking whether or not these two would get back together it was so easy to figure that out she gave very obvious clues for example the love interest missing Reye.

The POV was done in third person which was perfect because it enabled me to get in the mindset of Stephen and the other minor characters in the novel, but I would’ve liked first person POV to see the experience solely through Reyes eyes because I loved her personality, she was fearless, smart, witty and down to earth and I liked the contrast between her and Stephen; he on the other hand was conceited, somewhat arrogant and knew he was all that and more, but with Reye she softened him he could be himself he didn’t have to put on a front to prove anything to her and I really like that the author did that.

Rating: *****

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