Monday, May 23, 2011

Going back to the beginningPosted

About two weeks ago my editor suggested a new way for me to start my novel, I had originally had the novel set up in which my MC grew up in the town but the plot kept getting confusing and difficult for me to show certain aspects such as the secondary important character treatment towards the MC. I gave myself the goal of page 200 in which it would enable me to kick-start the novel with as much momentum my muse can give me, but rewriting has also helped me not rush the story, even though my mind is at a much faster pace than what’s on the computer I am savouring the journey of my MC situations and my editor also has taught me something on her lovely blog , is that the main character journey should not be so easy because truthfully who wants to read that, readers want a character that can achieve many hurdles, they want also a character that they can relate to. Wrinting for the young adult market is not an easy feat I have to literally go into the mindset of when I was a teen . Writing is not easy its a lot of giving and I seem to always come back to the same point that I want it so much but I have to put immense motivation and take my time learning as much as I can about the craft. Few days ago I chatted with a good friend on twitter, I was in the zone of feeling like a failure, I felt defeated and at the time I really thought I was going to wave the white flag and announce that I will be in the category of writers that gave up on their dream but then I started feeling better and I realized that there is no shame in needing someone’s ear to vent, the key is finding the right person that will be positive but realistic.

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