Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tis the season for my writing goals

Tis the aseason for my annual writing goals, my aspiration to become a published writer began summer of 2009 and since then I feel I have made strides, not agented nor published but my strides come in the way of finishing five books editing one with my lovely editor Lynnette Labelle and still appreciating the love of writing. Also a biggie for me this year was to truly understand how to format my manuscript its imperitive for writers to know this standard for the business, I was very appreciative when my editor returned my chapter and told me to figure out the formatting when I finally got it I was rejoiced but then had an internal battle with myself because I should have known how to format almost like an sixth sense. So my writing goals have and will remain the same writing until I improve and hope for the best that one day my novel will be snatched out of the slush pile and make an agent swoon over my novel happy writing.

Keisha Martin


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