Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blogging funk.

So my plan of blogging frequently once again is a goal that is easier said than done, I must admit I am having a hard time figuring out this blogging routine, and I realize its because at times I feel like I don't know what to say in regards to writing that hasn't been said,by other bloggers. For example I can say the same thing and twist it to reflect my personality but my heart seems as of late somewhat not feeling the blogging routine, but I know that its necessary for myself as an aspiring author to have a blog so if and when I get an agent published I already have a platform. The other issue is that many times I feel like what can I say that sets me apart from someone else that is enduring similar things as they journey through their publishing goal, and then it hit me its not about setting myself apart from others actually when I thought like that it now sounded quite cocky, so I had to humble myself and tell myself each person although on the same path responds different makes decisions different that leads to a different direction, I won't divulge about many authors that have self published did well financially, gained agent, publisher etc. So what will my plan be, well I decided I won't put pressure on myself when I have things to talk about I will write about it, because only then will my passion show, its not a race which could be why I was struggling and also another truth blogging is not about numbers, I do check out blogs of authors/writers with five thousand plus followers and some that have numbers similar to mine, the numbers to me does not on a large scale determine whether someone will buy authors book or will follow authors or aspiring authors journey, blogging is like writing a manuscript in a way...its only possible when the passion is involved I have tons of ideas many that is stored in notebooks labelled with dates when I will write them but I have not gone to that bin because the idea that pops in my head that fuels my passion is what I tend to write, for example week of July 2-6 these are the ideas that spawned. 1. Inspired by Stephen King short story THE BODY( I watched Stand By Me and the spark came and I said " I would love to write a novel inspired by movie and book, the idea lasted two days.) 2. Inspired by Stephen King Needful things (This was due to J.K Rowling new novel for adults a individual made a comment that the book sounds a lot like Needful Things,boom inspired that fizzled in a few hours 3. Snow White (I saw Snow White and the Huntsman) The idea to make my twist on this story that has been written so many times fizzled within a few hours as well, then came the idea with passion a steampunk, I knew that it was filled with passion because I wrote an outline and researched right away. I also have a file on my wall that reads next outline to choose, the next projects were a few adult steamy romance and a Dystopia novel again based on Stephen King Running Man, three books by Stephen King that has me inspired wow that scared me because normally I don't read too much of said author books aside from the ones I mentioned. So that is it, the point of this long post is write with passion and I will conclude my post with an excerpt of a poem I adore. Fire And Ice From what I tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire. Robert Frost One of my favorite poet.


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