Saturday, January 19, 2019

Chronicling my cancer journey

Last November I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer, it appeared as if time had slowed and then got faster, variety of emotions,  feeling out of control in regards to countless test, touched by so many practitioners, surgery, and then treatment. 

Throughout the entire process of treatment I wrote down my experience looking back at my notes it seemed I was reliving the entire circumstance again but it didn't sadden me I applauded myself that I pushed on and endured it truth of the matter I didn't have a choice. I didn't read or work on my drafts I had so many days I was so sick from the side effects of chemo, and I think being sick played a huge role of writer's block I couldn't think clearly. I was fortunate to have a solid support system and also online support groups of women and men that also experienced cancer as well.

I am six months in remission and although I do get scared about cancer returning I must live, it took me  awhile to get to this point it feels great to get back to the things that make me happy such as writing and continuing my dream, getting cancer truly made me look at life different--I appreciate the simplistic things in life I don't take things for granted and getting cancer I feel it was a sign to slow down prior to cancer I consumed myself in work, I worried what people thought about me, stressed about finances, my kids etc. All that has changed I feel getting cancer enabled me to be a better version of me, for the first time I am comfortable in the skin I am in and looking at my scars from my mastectomy I appreciate the beauty of my scar.


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