Monday, May 23, 2011

Are you there luck? It's me writer

Last night during yalitchat I asked the question getting agent/published is it merely luck, many responses was it is partly luck but writing a well written book is the focus of the publishing goal.

The dreaded word again subjective; there are many factors that affect luck, books are published within particular seasons so it could simply be the wave of opportunity was gone, also if an agency has numerous submissions or there existing writers have written something similar I could go on and on.

So until my luck comes my way I will polish my mss and continue to grow and evolve as a writer I am convinced I don't want to do anything else but to write the stories in my mind.


This week though I did get luck in the form of a contest I won on twitter complimentary of IndigoGreenRoom, I won the opportunity to see one of my favorite author the legend known as Suzanne Collins.

I never heard of the Hunger Games series until last summer when everyone was tweeting about Mockingjay I bought the first book read it in couple of days and then bought the next two books. I was in awe this writer had me in her clutches I couldn't take myself away from the books and for the first time I read a series that I could not figure out what would happen next because when I thought I knew I was totally wrong. But it is more that I love this author because she appears humble and an overall nice person. I believe its important to never lose oneself success can do that.
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