Sunday, February 17, 2013


Last week Friday I participated within a few workshops that had similar themes; stress relief, positive thinking and mindfulness. I recently decided I need to learn how to deal better with my stress, I have mentioned a few times in previous post why I began writing. Since writing is not so much an outlet for my stress and has become a goal that I want to pursue in order to hopefully get an agent and published I realize to do so I must be in good space to write, but its easier said than done, stress is defined as: A force exerted when one body or body part presses on, pulls on, pushes against, or tends to compress or twist another body or body part. When I am stress it really does feel like something is pulling inside my heart, my head feels heavy, my entire body is tensed. Source: Mindfulness is defined as: Bearing in mind;inclined to be aware I'd learned via my education as Child Youth Worker how important positive thinking is, coping when life sometimes feels like someone is repeatedly kicking one in the shins, my purpose is to teach mindfulness to the various clients I work with however, the snag is that I do not follow my own training and the result for me is increase stress. So to have a healthy mental health I have worked into my schedule few things to begin that process. *Exercise: Working out three times a week has helped me not only my self esteem but also focusing my energy away from stress *Meditation: No music just one with myself rejecting the negative thinking, experiences and focusing my mind so that it will record so to speak positive experiences and thinking. A bit of stress is good though because it doesn't make people comfortable thus never growing, so basically to have a healthy lifestyle everything one goes through has to be balanced, life is a continuous circle at times the circle may be spinning so fast and it only slows down when one allows themselves to take in a long deep breath release the tension and focus on their own mindfulness. A wonderful friend at work mentioned something to me a few weeks ago that stuck with me, she said no one can control or affect the way I feel only I do. Keisha Martin


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