Thursday, March 5, 2015

Writing is another career if you want it to be

Its March 2015 and I have been having thoughts lately of feeling as if I have failed myself, in my mind and dreams I should be published, but the reality always resurfaced I slacked off and unconsciously writing became a hobby rather than a serious focus which saddened me.

 I think I also lost the focus how to make juggling work; as of late I am pursuing my degree, being a mom to two beautiful girls a nine year old and a fourteen year old , and working full-time is very difficult to juggle along with pursuing my writing dream in addition a challenging situation I continue to deal with. Truthfully at that moment I had to take a pause on many things in order to deal with that matter but the issue is stabilizing itself and I feel I have a brighter perspective and ready to  make a career of my aspiration to get an agent and published.

 I decided to stop belly aching so to speak and juggle my task better, I love Facebook and other social media for the purpose of learning new ideas relating to writing and I was fortunate one day to see calendar how she juggles school, exercise and her publishing commitments  and that was the starting point for me to be focused on my writing career, which was a huge motivator when stickers are involved I love stickers. Writing 500 words per day has helped me take the edge off so to speak because I am no longer dreaming of  unrealistic things I am setting goals of firstly rewriting one novel at a time and also coming to terms that the first novel I had written needed more editing and also  longer period of time in which I do not look at it because I focused for too long it was the novel that was going to get me an agent and  it may be but truthfully only a few authors have had that awesome experience but later acknowledged they were lucky because the book was not their best even though it sold really well. I also realized to pursue a writing career I must read more often and not only authors I adore but a variety of authors in a variety of genres although romance is still my number one genre. So the focus is to follow my calendar and at the end of the month I will get a sense what took more of my time lately many stickers were for school less on exercising and less on writing because school is taking up much of my time due to assignments, but the days that I have extra time to write I feel great the novel I am currently rewriting is at the 70K mark my aim is for 90K and when I begin the reread/rewrite process again I hope to stay within that range. I will also begin my work out routine working out helped me because it did decrease my stress and improved my self-esteem. I feel more determined and eager to accomplish my writing goals.

Below Victoria Scwab explains the calender/sticker for writing

Happy Writing.


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