ECLIPSE (YA)Professionally edited/ chapter revisions Seventeen-year old contends with a sadistic vampire that divulges about her fate.

 NEW MOON (ADULT)First Draft currently revising Serendipity happens when two people each other and fall in love but a sadistic ex girlfriend will do anything to tear them apart.

 AGAINST THE WIND (YA) When  Emma Rowling turns Seventeen she suddenly disappears and teleports to 1901 Northumberland, England and witness a murder.

 RED DAWN (YA) 2012 First draft ** Due to computer crashing I lost most of my work, lesson learned to back up my WIP on memory stick rather than in my documents)also other file storage such as Google Drive and Drop Box. The positive that resulted from my error the story was such a thrill to rewrite because of the world building and the joy of making weird things up.

(YA )Started June 2012 first draft A female alien implants into the body of a human boy hoping to kill him and take host of his body but never expected his body to remain intact and gaining understanding what it means to be human. and fall in love with her host.

Goal for New year 2015

Writing 2 contemporary YA romance inspired by Susane Colasanti  (I love this author books so fresh and cute and doesn't always end the way I think when I begin the book which I love because of the surprise and last summer (2014) I watched the complete DVD of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and was inspired to write a novel inspired by the book of the same name I did an outline which I do for ideas that stick past a week and we'll see I think i may write the contemporary YA first because I really feel that genre needs more diversity.