2019 Update

(COVE AWAKENING (YA 2010) This series was put in a dark place and will never resurface I made the decision in 2015 but I am considering writing a brand new YA romance vampire novel with same title but brainstorming a idea that hasn't been written or tweaking the typical vampire genre cliches so to speak

High Stakes (New ADULT 2019
 First Draft

 Newlywed lawyers relocate to Seattle, makes partner at a prestigious  firm and takes on a class action lawsuit involving tainted water.  Loosely based on the "What If's" about the characters 'Rachael Zane' 'Mike Ross' on acclaimed TV drama Suits

AGAINST THE WIND (YA 2012-present)
First Draft

Seventeen-year old  Emma Rowling  suddenly disappears and teleport to 1901 Northumberland, England and witness a murder.

RED DAWN (YA 2012)
First Draft 
 Due to computer crashing I lost most of my work, lesson learned to back up my WIP on memory stick rather than in my documents)also other file storage such as Google Drive and Drop Box. The positive that resulted from my error the story was such a thrill to rewrite because of the world building and the joy of making weird things up.

(SOUL INVASION YA  June 2012 )
First Draft
Female alien implants into the body of a human boy hoping to kill him and take host of his body the alien never expected his body to remain intact and gaining understanding what it means to be human. and fall in love with her host.


Recently I got in  debate on social media with a writer, I didn't know this writer I saw his post in my timeline and got worked up prem...