Monday, May 23, 2011


Today has been the greatest day, I had the amazing opportunity to meet the legend known as Suzanne Collins. I waited in line anticipating what I would say, mingled with a few people talking about the Hunger Games series and how awesome it was and scary at times. Also the books got better as Katniss evolved throughout the series, and then the moment came I was next. I felt like the room became foggy my heart rate was elevated and then when I was in front of her the tears came.

A little quirky fact about me, people close to me know when I cry I am either really angry or happy I know its weird and doesn't make sense at all but that's what I am. Anyways I touched her arm and also I had a sore throat so when she asked me what's my name all that came out was a squeaky "I am Keisha." The employee of the store took two pictures of me and one was deleted immediately I wont divulge why and the other all you would see is my long curly black hair but none of that matters because I have a picture with Suzanne Collins and her beautiful smile, she is so humble and a joy to meet. My husband joked none of the teenagers cried but I got emotional because I am so inspired by her and the journey towards publication although rough at times is also rewarding when I get the opportunity to meet someone I respect. So if you have been living under a rock and have not heard about the series go get it an join in on an exciting series.

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