I  have  always wanted to pursue a full-time career as an author and finally pushed aside my doubts and during the summer of 2010 in Toronto, Ontario while glancing back and forth at my two girls  during their weekly community center swim lessons and at my notebook I  wrote my  first Young Adult novel Cove Awakening.

  This book was written when the popularity of Twilight occurred and it wasn’t that I wanted to experience the rarity the author had of her first book getting published and instantly successful but more so I have always loved reading and watching TV shows or movies about vampires especially romance that is central to the arc of the vampire novels. Currently I am not able to solely be a full-time writer but I work at scheduling my writing time everyday.

Returning back to vampires (I did say I love reading and watching vampires) one of my favorite author that writes in this genre is the awe-inspiring this author captivated my imagination, she created a world in which the vampires appeared as if they could be in our society, they became real because the author made them real to its readers. 

What I really appreciate as well about this author is her ability to put as much details in her novels, she was originally from New Orleans as a  reader I truly experience the setting as if the vampires resided there as well. I strive to do the same, basically ground my reader in all aspects of my novel. This author also played a huge role why I chose to pursue writing and fun fact  not only was Interview With A Vampire published the year I was born but it was the first book I read in grade nine at that time it did scare me just a tad when I watched the movie it was great the movie was close to the book as possible.

Sadly, I made the mistake as some budding writers do and I queried Cove Awakening which essentially a very awful first draft version: it was not physically ready and had many errors, formatting issues and character arcs were incomplete and the biggest factor the conflict was difficult to sense. 

However, few agents rather than giving me a form rejection  took time off their busy schedules and gave me a brief critique, such as I was a great story teller but they couldn’t experience that  because of the issues mentioned above, some agents requested for me to give the book a significant rewrite and resend, at that time I decided to pause on writing YA and began reading more erotic romances and decided to write a erotic romance novel and one I hope to get an agent  I am currently rewriting/revising it I label each rewrite draft 1…. I hope I don't have 20-50 revised drafts, but on a serious note the goal is to offer the most polished book when I begin querying.

I read various writing books and online seminars with various novel editors/authors/literature agents doing this enabled me to understand the Goal, Motivation  and Conflict for the main characters in my novel, although I had an editor for Cove Awakening because my GMC was not identified it was difficult for her to continue,  editing is super expensive therefore I hope as well to improve my writing, edit as a write and find amazing beta readers.

My former editor who is now a rock star associate agent at after receiving a lengthy assessment of Cove Awakening I decided the best thing to do was  tucking it in a dark place never to see the day of life, however the great thing about first drafts it lead me to continue my determination to improve my writing and to date I have written and saved six full length early draft novels mainly  Young Adult novels and various genres but always romance as part of novel arc. 

However although my forte is romance I believe it’s important for writers to read outside their writing scope, doing this has helped me learn a variety of skills currently I read the latest book  in one standing  from the amazing author Roni Loren  Book 3 The One You Fight For. 

Professionally I am a Child and Youth Worker working in an elementary school with intermediate autistic students, in addition I offer informal counselling services to students with a variety of mental health issues, help deescalate students and also help them become more successful within the classroom. I am currently looking into joining Canadian Authors Association this helps writers appear professional when querying stage commence.

As the saying goes this is me in a nutshell, bio's my be revised from time to time as things occur (hoping like a publishing contract)  but the core of who I am and will always be will be and improving who I am each day.


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