Monday, August 29, 2011

My journey progress report

I woke up this morning wondering this strange question, does the length of a writers journey towards publication determine the yearning for the goal, and I don't think so, some writers gain an agent fast, get a book deal after that again I believe its luck, good timing but more important the writer honed her craft.

I will use the journey of Stephenie Meyer who I believe had the easiest journey, finishing a book in three months gaining an agent shortly afterwards and few months after that landed a nice deal with her publisher, and most people in the world knew what happened after that TWILIGHT exploded into the hands of preteens, their mothers and every one's else curiosity.

I won't Lie I fell for TWILIGHT because all my students were talking about it, I liked the first it was cute, safe and the rest may not be my cup of tea but it was still a pleasant read. What people may not understand is perhaps her journey included compacting huge hours to research, to finish her drafts which I don't think is a easy feat on top of being a mother, I am a mother too and juggling duties is hard, but we do it anyways.

What I know for a fact is that each writers journey will be different and most of us will have to write several books before we get an agent,published, I don't feel bad about that the key is to believe in yourself. When I began to have moments which I broke down because I want to be published so bad I knew at that point my goal was real to me, and I made a goal of working on my goal seriously which meant going on a query hiatus to hone my writing, fix the plot issues etc.

I am still on a query hiatus but I have finished the rewrite of my first novel, I have passed the 100 page mark on three various WIP that scare but thrill me because I am writing out of my comfort zone, I also read like crazy I hate to hear when big time authors state they don't have time to read that could be true if they have a demanding schedule but reading is joint with writing and it supports other authors.

I recently purchased two of Megan Hart's books DEEPER and NAKED I finished NAKED in three hours that's how amazing it was but I am partial to erotic romance about interracial couples, and I am reading DEEPER which is different not what I expected at first i.e plot caught me by surprise which is great that's what great writing should do make the reader on edge not knowing what will happen. Reading helps hone the craft but also writing which right now is the only thing I can control, the sacrifices I have to make though is to organize my writing time, I cannot write during the week because I have to work, and then in the evening I go to the gym so the weekends is when I will cram (that's why outlining comes in handy) I have a week before I go back to work so I am cramming now like I was given a sentence of a week to write.

As always write with joy and plenty of chocolate

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