Thursday, August 4, 2011

Traditional versus Indie Publishing

Recently I was snooping on the web as all writers should do, whether its for research or simply to procrastinate which sometimes is my worst habit , anyways back on topic I came upon a well known author who I will not mention even though their decision was made public I choose not to place that info on my blog, not that what I am about to say is demeaning but I do not want to possibly offend this author.So the author after years of publishing his/her books he/she decided to go the self publishing route I must say my head did turn all the way, she/he explained about back listed books that had ran its course and he/she wanting more freedom so to speak to write what he/she wants to write without the constraints of publisher. Right now as an aspiring writer it would be a dream come true to get an agent and then published but there are many facets of the business that I have to consider one: not all the books I will love will also be adored by potential agent/publisher I may be rejected on all my concept and will have to write a book that potential publisher suggest. Then we get into what the he/she author discussed back list now unless you are J.K Rowling or Stephenie Meyer back listed books that publishers utilize to gain more income is very difficult presently. I think it is because only the latter authors that I mentioned have the good luck, fame to still profit after years of their books being published most new authors may not get that opportunity. Knowing all this and many more information each day does that change my route, right now it doesn't because I am still being patient, still honing my craft and still stubborn that one day an awesome agent will love my first maybe tenth book and even better a awesome publisher will love my 11th or 20th book no one knows what will happen its a dash of luck, timing, a great concept, and execution of right publisher etc but I will never shun those writers that decide to take the indie route there have been many successful stories of indie authors getting recognition and publishing deals from major publishing houses. If another author/writer ever asked me what I think I will say for them to do what they feel is right and to weigh the good and the bad because that's what life is about.

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