Friday, August 12, 2011

In the wrath of stress

This week has been an epic stressful week, starting with blogger having a hiccup which made me think that my blog was hacked into so I created a new blog and email.

My life felt even worse when Thursday I was upstairs in my bedroom and logged onto my old email which is saved and surprise I was able to get back into my email and 1oo+ messages, this got me thinking I am pursuing a new career into a life that can get pretty stressful deadlines, pressures and the ultimate stress if a book doesn't sell well that may impact an author's career or advance with their second book.

I am no where near that point because I have not gained an agent yet, and on a query hiatus so that I could polish my first novel and write a few more.

On Thursday when I was at the mall with my girls and a man came behind me and covered my face with his hands, my heart shot out of my mouth and so many thoughts went through my head which was kick the SOB in the area where the sun don't shine, and also my precious girls, when the idiot took his hand off my face which seemed like an eternity he looked at me and then his eyes widened and he said repeatedly how sorry he was he thought I was someone else I could not talk I was so shaken up I walked with my legs that felt like jelly, the man kept apologising and I told him it was fine meaning get the hell away from me.

I am still frazzled then I got mad at myself for not reporting him to security but after I calmed down I believed the man was telling the truth and its not the first time someone has mistaken me I guess I am a doppelganger for a lot of people particularly black Nigerian women. So I survived and after all that I still have the strength to write.

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