Monday, August 15, 2011


Last year I signed up for WriteOnCon. I learned so much from amazing writers/authors and got my query critique which helped me realize I was not ready to submit my manuscript, the query was good, and I still have it, and will only make a few tweaks to make it sparkle. The problem was my opening and at that time I had the dreary prologue so a year has passed I cannot believe it and the conference is back so check it out. I have been busy trying hard to finish the transfer of ECLIPSE which I rewrote last year and I am so happy revisions really work, no book can be truly great without several revisions. I am also happy that I have the most amazing editor that is tough but is so smart at times I am scared because I let myself get overwhelmed and have to talk myself into calming down and stop stressing about things I cannot control like the publishing biz/gaining a agent what I can control right now is honing my craft and having faith my dream will come true one day. Goals for Fall/Winter is to get in a reasonable schedule with my critique partners so that I can get feedback and I hope 2012 I will be able to submit it and also start the revisions on my adult WIP. It feels good to attain goals and as a writer any level of accomplishment is worthy of self praise. Write with joy and if need be plenty of chocolate.

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