Thursday, July 28, 2011

Juggling needs and wants

On Friday it is the annual camping trip with my family, its the cheapest vacation trip, last year my husband and I decided to go to Jamaica with our girls, I was born there and did not return for over thirty years, so for me it was special to return back to the place I was born, I did not return to my hometown it has changed so much, now its quite violent I won't mention the name of the town so that no one is offended if they are from that place.

We will be heading up to Balsam Lake and once again I am banned from writing it was a treaty I made with my kids last year or perhaps it was when they realized I was serious about my writing, I love to write when I am looking out at the lake, or the beautiful trees but I also have to realize writing has to take a pause when it comes to creating special memories with my family.

The treaty however, does not include books though, so I will get inspiration from Jane Austen I recently wrote a outline for a new WIP which is frightening because I am inspired by the author Gothic theme.

Choosing to pursue my writing dream comes with many sacrifices and I feel sometimes time is not on my side, working a full time job, mommy duty during the school year, trying to get healthy by going to the gym and fitting in my writing can get overwhelming so my focus is to try my best prioritize my routine which in the end will still result in me writing into the wee hours on the weekend and reducing when I write during the week so that I am rested for work the next day.

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