Monday, July 11, 2011

Putting back my words

What was I freaking thinking? I rewrote my novel in sections, thinking it would be easier to do so, I was so wrong because when I put it back it was a catastrophe the scenes were scattered and did not flow the way I plotted them to. I was worried initially that the effort to try and make sense of what I wrote will be a daunting task.

So I sat and stared at my computer screen and then the solutions trickled in my thoughts ways I can rectify my mistake. I printed out all 428 pages (word count should be 100,000 obviously with that page number I am way above that number so plenty will be on the cutting room floor so to speak)then separated my manuscript in sections 1A etc I also wrote a memo to myself that if the scenes did not advance the plot, conflict etc it will cut.

In addition, I wrote all major scenes that have to be kept doing this has made me feel much better.This is also what the journey is about making mistakes can be a good thing as a writer I hope to learn from my mistakes and this is just one out of many I am sure will occur, mistakes are not bad they enable growth and also it enables an individual to evaluate what type of write they are, in my previous post I mentioned knowing your unique voice and not trying to mimic another writer to expand on that ,it also includes habits how you revise, how you sit down to write, for me I have to hear quiet music, I used to write listening to head phones but that changed and I have no reason why that is. I stopped snacking because I was eating junk food in the wee hours of the morning and since I am on my diet I munch on carrots, so back to my point although I was slightly overwhelmed because of my blunder I accept it and happy that I once again wrote a book that still makes me giddy although my book has a specific target audience in mind right now I am writing for me that's the best you can do so that you stay true to your true self.
Write with joy.

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