Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Breaking Down

Today I had another cry fest t I was thinking about my journey and the fact I am taking my dream of getting published/agented serious I am finding that the road to that goal is hard. When I am in that zone I hear that awful voice telling me to quit (my stubbornness is way stronger so I could never quit.) Feeling like I needed a break I hopped over to blogger extraordinaire Roni Loren and after reading her post I tweeted to her its like she writes her post with me in mind because they generally seem to relate what I am experiencing at the moment. Check out the post its amazing how she comes up with the most useful post, the post also gave me a boost making me reaffirm to myself I don't totally suck I have come a long way I believe I will gain the understanding of the craft and I am also determined to keep learning because learning never stops no matter how amazing someone gets. So I have put my tears away and smiling and back to work on my wip that's almost done *squee*
Write with joy.

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