Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Editor extraordinaire Lynnette Labelle will be offering Hook, Line, and Sinker: How to Hook Readers and Reel Them In? She will be teaching the course in September registration is now open.

And that leads me into author self promotion, again I was stalking the amazing Nathan Brandsford
a few of his comments were people disgruntled because he was self promoting his book
I don't understand what the problem is, if I get published you best believe I will pimp my novel marketing I believe is a huge aspect of the publishing world its competitive and on top of writing and selling a marketable book you have to make sure that other books that may be similar will not gain the upper hand. A blog is a good way to market and although its not the only way its a start especially for Nathan who has a great following but he has earned that by offering useful advice to aspiring writers and because part of the journey is appreciating authors and helping build word a mouth for them I am recommending to check his book out.

As always right with joy (and I ate chocolate today the travesty.

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