Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Time

Its finally here my summer break the time in which as a mother I work even harder trying to keep my children busy with their programming routine but also *squee* I have more time to write.

My plan is to get ECLIPSE finished by this weekend and then work on my erotic romance NEW MOON I am so excited for both, especially the rewrite of my first novel I believe in it and even though the genre I am writing in is inundated, I don't care but to be honest it took a while for me to come to that point, it helped when editors/ agents tweet about not thinking about trends just write a darn good book, I added the darn part. My style of writing is to incorporate the seasons and its no coincidence that summer makes me feel more inspired or it could be because I am a leo (tomato tamato) funny thing though when I started writing last year in the winter I felt my muse was was happy but I eventually realized the story sucked and needed major revamping (anytime I get to use this word I get giddy.)So that is my plans, so what are you plans for the summer in regards to writing and do you feel inspired particular times during the year?

Write with joy.

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