Friday, June 24, 2011

Last bit of novel

The beginning, middle of novel I sailed through even though I have been cutting, pasting relevant stuff from the old manuscript formerly known as COVE AWAKENING and rewriting the scenes to reflect the changes it has been a wonderful experience until I hit finishing up the novel I am not in a snag because I know how the book will end its just filling in the sections of the story before the grand finale and also realizing this is a stand-alone even though it has series potential. So what I have been doing is writing at a decent pace last night I only wrote couple paragraphs which is normally not the goal I set for myself on a good night I normally write a few chapters 1200-2000 words but I didn't want to push myself so today I have a day off I will get back in the zone so to speak and hopefully get closer to the finish line.

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