Thursday, June 16, 2011

Late night cravings...and I am dieting

Since April 11Th 2011 I have been on a diet. First thing your probably asking yourself is what does this post have to do with writing? Well it has plenty to do with writing, sitting by a computer working away I get so many cravings, (mainly for chocolate)its like I can't write without a handy snack, and all that snacking made me pay the price, tonight for instance I went to the gym had a awesome workout and close to midnight I fell for the temptation and made Mr. Noodles, and I told my dear husband the worst lie ever that my throat was hurting when really I was starving. I am trying to find a balance by not holding back eating the right foods but also being strong and sticking to my cut off time to eat which is nine o'clock or snacking on foods that are healthy snacks like a fruit. Dinner hour is another crucial time because by then I am starving as well due to only eating salads at lunch and filling up on water. Perhaps writing this post was more so me dealing with my guilt, I will get there and I will tell myself its okay once and a while to fall off the wagon the key is getting back on it.

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