Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Self esteem

Choosing to become a writer never happened suddenly, I have written few post about the moment I decided that I wanted to write and take the brave leap and see what happens. Things continue to surprise me about the business but the one thing that is a must is self esteem.I queried too early last year which reulted in a few request that later turned into rejections because my book needed a fair bit of polishing especially the plot holes so I held my chin high and told myself I was so wrong about the journey and I am going to have to work extremely hard to get to the finish line so I hired a wonderful editor and rewrote my paranormal romance novel.
Another thing that caught me off guard is networking its a competitive journey and therefore its difficult at times to find the right person that will get my vision I am talking about Beta/critique partners since choosing the dream of getting published one day, I have gone through a few some have called it quits with me others ignored me never swapped and a few I politely told it wasn't working. Back to self esteem if I let those snags keep me down okay honestly it did but I am so resilient I was able to dust myself off, there are many things that can work for a writer, right moment, great, agent, publisher but a writer must always have self esteem to stand against the various curve balls of the journey.

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