Friday, December 16, 2011

Blog hopping I came across author multi-tasker extraordinaire Elana Johnson I first knew about Elana via writeoncon 2010 I received so much advice and it was also what helped solidify that my dream of getting published was serious and I was going to work hard. It was difficult reading her post although quite honest I felt like I wanted to reach out to her and give her a big hug, she has made it the 1% author who had beat the odds firstly gaining an agent and then getting published her first debut POSSESSION. The path I am at right now is still filled with dreams such as my first book will sell gazillion dollars, yes I have slapped myself a few times to shake out of that delusion reading Elana's post again reaffirmed the reality sometimes getting published things don't always go the way we planned, I also have read recently authors, writers leaving their agents or realizing after few books have been sold a publishing company wasn't right for them. I loved reading POSSESSION I have to admit though Suzanne Collins HUNGER GAMES trilogy made me appreciate Dystopia but as I was reading Elana's post a thought came to me timing is so crucial to writers and so many books debut on the same day some of the books have similar themes, does that affect the destiny of writers books? Competition is very hard and at times I say perhaps pursuing writing would be too much for me, (but that thought is quickly rebuttal)pouring my heart out writing a book and the expectations of what I wanted does not become what was imagined. I can only put myself in sympathising what Elana is going through but I believe if I endured what she was feeling at that time when she wrote her post and continued to write that is what it means to be a writer, because sometimes after the glamour of rock star authors has faded its all back to the beginning, so although its okay to feel down from time to time, I am learning no matter what I will dust myself off and keep trying to get better at honing the craft, and I believe Elana has done that as well, so fellow writers support this amazing writer and go buy her amazing debut POSSESSION>

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