Friday, December 30, 2011

Resolutions for 2012

Okay every year I make resolutions and every year I break them here is my resolutions from last year in regards to writing but I will add some personal goals.

*Polishing my manuscript. (I have retained an amazing editor so I am on the right path.) I am on chapter 10 revising its been a difficult process as I hone my craft but my editor is supportive and pushes me to get better so this has been very positive and I won't rush my revision the key is having a polished mss and agents/publishers will always be around
* Finishing two WIP (rough draft) I have written four (well finishing up third and fourth will be done towards the ending of January)
*Tone my body (long term goal since I was fifteen years old)Well I joined the gym I was going faithfully and then winter arrived work got stressful and you can guess the rest I stopped going regularly so I will make a huge effort to go since I am paying a membership.
*Writing for me and don't think about anything else relating to publishing biz
*decreasing my stress (this is a hard goal cuz I freak out a lot)Getting better to manage my stress and refrain from internal monologues of should've would've could've
*Write for two hours everyday as per my writing calender I have become obsessed with writing in the summer my darling girls ban me from writing during the day, as I write this blog I am writing been at it on and off since the morning give and take I take breaks to be a Mom and a spouse house work, errands but my dear husband believes in my hard work and takes the girls to his mother so I have uninterrupted writing time (twitter name too I gotta keep it real LOL)

2012 Goals
* Hone, hone, craft
*Finish edit first novel PNR
*Edit of one of four WIP to query with above manuscript
*Finish writing YA Sci-Fi
*Continue at the gym
*Don't let others negative energy sway me into a negative zone
*be respectful to others even when they don't deserve it
*Read more books hoping 25-50 books this New Year
*Be a better spouse and parent more patience when my girls are trying to tear each other's heads off
*Laugh more instead of moping about things that don't deserve attention to if it won't further me to be a better person
*Appreciate other authors that have made it, don't waste energy getting in that negative zone why they made it I have to believe one day I will get the opportunity for my dreams to come true and I would want others to appreciate my hard work no matter how that hard work came

That's all I hope that I achieve most of what I have set for myself and I am happy that I am able to experience another year with people that love me.

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