Monday, November 28, 2011

A mental health moment

Today I am taking a mental health day off, to unwind, reflect, yesterday was an epic bad day in which I was the target of an unfortunate outburst from someone I will not mention on this blog. In regards to writing it does mess up my schedule and my muse when I am upset, last year weird as this may sound when I was upset, or had a stressful day at work I would still write it was my escape, when I began writing it wasn't to pursue my publishing dream it was simply an outlet, when I realized that outlet was indeed my desire to get published and finally I found something that made me so happy I merged into an obsessive zone, in which I read a lot about writing, novels in the genre I write, but emotions play a huge part this year has been difficult I had to try really hard to simmer my emotions and still write because that is what it means to be fully dedicated, sometimes that dedication only allows me to write two pages other times over 1K words
I am also proud that I have written four wip(finishing up third will be done fourth around January 2012 hopefully) all I am going through now I believe will make my skin much tougher because emotions is guaranteed to change sometimes in the same day, same hour, but also I also learn too that its okay to take a break I have been awful maintaining going to the gym so I have made an early New Year's resolution to continue one:so I am not wasting my money, and two it enables me to also think my best ideas come when I am driving to and from work and when I work out and although I don't have a handy writing pad, it normally stays long enough for me to jot it down when I get home. I am going to get a lot of me time and it will make me a better person and a better writer.

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