Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Book Extraordinaire of 2011

Okay I too will jumping on the bandwagon of listing my best YA books of 2011 this is the books I have read that I like firstly I will start with YA the stars beside the books are the ones that are still on my huge TBR pile and lastly I will list few books I am looking forward to for 2012 and adult books I have read or looking forward to read.

Cannot show image of books due to potential copyright. I won a book from Scholastic Press I love to support authors I adore but winning books is neat too.HUNGER GAMES I never knew about this series until a few months before the last book came out, everyone on twitter was telling me to get it and that I won't be disappointed. They were right, I loved the entire series and the only critique is that I wish the writer wrote one more book, I am looking forward to how the movie studio will adapt the first book when it comes out later this year I will be getting advanced tickets because I have a feeling the theatre will be jam packed.I read the first book last summer PARANORMALCY and loved the quirky voice of the writer and the main character, I have not gotten to the second book but what captivated when I read the first book was the amazing covers and which showcase the character who loves girlie things whilst being fierce heroine when she is capturing fugitives and other missions looking forward to following Kiersten White and what else she will write after the series wraps up.
Since I also write for adults these are authors that I adore Megan Hart ( I read NAKED and TEMPTED which hooked me to be a life long fan and my decision to also write for adults but it mainly Roni Loren who introduced me to this amazing writer and responsible for me making my decision to try writing a ERom which I completed and cannot wait to get it edited. I love Megan voice she is amazing the way she writes her steamy scenes but the core of her novels is the love story and the genuine characters that are beyond three-dimensional. As per my previous post blogger extraordinaire Roni Loren debut novel CRASH INTO YOU will be out January 3 2012

So that's it yes there are plenty of books that could have been on my list I am looking forward to 2012 firstly my journey towards publishing and of coarse no writer can be a better writer without reading a ton of books, so I look forward to reading more books from my fave authors and I like to challenge myself by reading books from authors that I may have never read.

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