Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The future of publishing, discussion with my spouse

Yesterday my husband for the first time weighed in on my journey towards getting a agent and publication, since I decided I was going to pursue this journey 2009, which so far is the most epic venture I've ever taken on, my husband had not weighed in on it, just the good for you...follow your dream type of thing but last night he gave me a huge picture what the future of publishing will look like.

The premise of this discussion was us watching a news coverage on a publishing house in Canada that is still doing well with a few authors books selling, in addition having a wealthy owner is also the icing on the cake so to speak, so this contributed to the discussion about what path I may take, my husband believes the future will no longer have any publishing house's. (eeek Armageddon) okay maybe not that dramatic but what he said is not that scary but there is some truth to that, e-books are selling quite well and he used a good example of getting music, off the net he will never pay for music because disclaimer I don't support piracy...but the truth is people are getting music and movies for free, I won't delve into this discussion that will be in another post.

Anyways he believes that will be the same thing for books, people won't buy books when they can get it cheaper and download it to for example on there Kindle etc, more writers are choosing to skip trying to get an agent, publisher an doing it themselves, now that I have more insight about the biz I cannot say which is the best route because it is a decision an individual has to come to terms with.

Most of us that are writers know of a few writers who have done well going that route so I ask myself where does that leave me? I feel like a chicken without its head, crossing the street as a truck is speeding down the same road...okay again not that dramatic but it made me think I have to figure out what I want to do, my goal has always been to go the traditional route, some how I feel that will validate me as a writer...even though I know now that's not the truth what validates me is everyday sitting down and making the time to write..even if it sucks I am getting better because I'm writing everyday and I still believe I can still at least try.

I feel there will be always a need for books, will the business change of course and will adapt to growth of technology, so for now I look at my paths this way I will continue to write and also be educated about the changing business, I cannot control that, all I can control is hopefully writing good enough books to get an agent interested in my voice, not my real voice that is nervous that all the publishing houses will have out of business signs...again very dramatic...I think.

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