Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I finished another book, world can you hear me.

I am so happy I have finished technically my third book,(NEW MOON adult ER) the first draft is never the best, but the fact I now have something to work with brings me immense joy, writing is not easy like anything in life worth striving for its always harder, but when that struggle is something that you are passionate about then it makes it worth while.

I will post some excerpts in a few months I have to finish the edits of my first novel and then get this one edited and hopefully 2013-14 I will have four books that are well written and ready to query as well I am estimating I don't know that it will take that long right now that is not something I can control all I can control is simply writing.

Now I have two books left of 2011 that I will finish both YA they are at a half way point so hopefully I will be done one of them in a month and the last one before the spring.


Nina D'Angelo said...

That is awesome and I am so excited for you. I'm working on two right now- the never ending nowhere to run and a new one and it's time consuming but worth it.

You feel like doing an interview for another writer's blog? Let me know if you are interested. I wanted to start a series of my blg of interviewing fellow writers and their processes and such

Keisha Martin said...

Thank you for your comment, I sent you a message via twitter, I would love to be interviewed by you, it will my first woo hoo, and I would love if you did a interview on my ole blog about your journey, music etc.