Saturday, March 26, 2011

Turning off the negative switch.

So everyone has heard the buzz about Amanda Hocking and her rise to fame and to be honest I wish that was me then something happened I started thinking "If the traditional route doesn't work I could try her way." Reality hit me like a bag filled with bricks.

Each writer route whether it may seem like fate or whatever an individual will precieve it to be, the fact is what happened to Amanda Hocking was destined to be her route and is a special experience just for her,it doesn't mean I or you cannot use that option but the chance of that outcome happening the same way is slim to maybe none, so the solution is to gain knowledge know your goals from the get go in regards to how you are going to hone your writing, and what route your going to use to get there and believe the impossible that if you dedicate time and effort to hone your craft and never give up what do you have to lose? In addition, know that the biz is changing writers have many options to choose which route will work for them. My route is as follows:

*Polishing my novel with my editor extrodinaire Lynnette Labelle
*Reading everything I can on writing
*Refusing to think about negative views about other writers/authors route and appreciating their works in order for me to learn from them even if the books may not be my cup of tea
*Dedicating time to spending quality time with my family
*chilling out don't think too much about the biz it will still be there years from now, it may be modified to meet the demands of our changing world but I will still have a chance of executing my dream.

So what is your route? How do you plan to get there?

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