Sunday, March 20, 2011

To be or not to be? The question for writers

I got inspired to write this blog after checking out Mandy Hubbard blog

What is Happiness? Best selling authors might be happy maybe because their investment with their publisher worked out well, dedicated fans support the author but another question crossed my mind everything in life is never a middle ground becoming a bestseller although I am nowhere close to knowing what that feels like I can only guess it comes with a lot of pressure.

As of late I am unagented but Mandy also made me think of that possibility if and when that happens I think it'll be just as hard and and I will have to be knowledgeable about many things in regards to the publishing biz so that I have a positive relationship with my agent. If I get published more thinking happens regarding my career, and then if the book that I loved for so long will it sell? But the main focus for me right now in my early stages of pursueing my publishing dream many things will be out of my control the only thing that is within my control right now is my willingness to learn and consistently working at honing my craft.

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