Thursday, June 27, 2019

Determining Burst of Creativity

I am slowly getting back to editing and I cannot determine when my burst of creativity will occur, while I edit a very rough manuscript that I have ripped apart at least twice now.

My burst of creativity when I edit happens at weird moments in which my creativity flows and I can write or edit an entire chapter, I am still working on my ER removing a fair bit of the plot that does not make sense.

The biggest hurdle for me is the conflict of main characters I have to go through each scene as if I have a magnifying glass and I write down in notebook things about the main character that makes sense.

I am hoping during the two months I am off I can edit more and hopefully finish my book and 2021 begin the arduous task of querying which I have not done since I prematurely did in 2010.

My last post I mentioned getting back to writing after my cancer diagnosis some days are challenging due to spontaneous pain that inhibits me from reading my manuscript but days of feeling this pain are sometimes weeks and months apart so the good days I take advantage today is a good day.

Keisha Martin

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