Thursday, March 15, 2018

When will it be me

Its that time of year at the Elementary school I work at,  the annual book fair, I must admit I am generally more excited than the students so many books, the smell of new books 😆I don't restrict myself  by reading particular genres, I enjoy reading Children/ Young Adult books I write in these genres along within the adult  genre, with a strong emphasis on coming of age love, falling in and out of love,  heartbreak  and NSFW stories.

I am experiencing once again when will it be me and then that quickly turns into I have to find the time to edit my completed rough draft manuscript(s) and the numerous ideas of a new story that happen daily, I find when I am editing new stories come in my thoughts but that's another blog topic 😊

  I really want to be a traditional published writer but I have taken that pressure away because they're many opportunities to get my writing published, and either way a writer chooses one has to research the variety of nuance of traditional vs self-publishing.

So for now I will appreciate the authors that continue to pave the way, and I will keep being persistence, in my  efforts, no writer has ever talked about writing being a smooth effort, writing at times is  grueling but what keeps me going is my desire to tell stories.

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