Sunday, May 21, 2017

Writing, grief, and new beginnings.

I'll start off by saying that although my writing routine slowed down after my spouse passed I have began to slowly write, whether its jotting down idea's that come to me all hours of the day, usually the wee hours at night, and I have recalled a few dreams relating to the latest WIP I am working on.

I have also been reading plenty of books in a variety of genres most recent a YA called Everything, Everything and so glad that the movie followed which stuck close to the book, but what I really liked was the diversity which the author Nicola Yoon was part of the diverse books movement, and also the author was born in Jamaica and that's inspiring for me as a aspiring author. So I hope 2017 will continue be a year in which I work hard on my WIP's and hope for the best, writing a great book takes time and its comforting to come to a place in which I am okay with not rushing and enjoying the process in which I can control.

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