Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year: Pretty much same writing goals

2013 I have the same writing goals as I did in 2012 such as editing with the help from my amazing, smart editor Lynnette Labelle I am so fortunate to have been referred to her almost a year and half now I have been working with her, the investment is well worth it because she doesn't hold back and really makes me work to make my chapters better. I advice writers pursuing the dream of getting published and an agent to research a great editor, no matter what level an author is at in regards to grammar, punctuation etc an excellent editor will be able to find things that was missed. Another goal that I am still pursuing is finding few beta readers my editor continued her awesomeness by referring me to her writers group and it has been helpful being part of a group with writers in various stages of the publishing journey and also skill, so that has helped me tighten my writing and also gain confidence to show my work and accept constructive critique. I hope 2013 will be the year things come together in regards to my dream however, I have come to the realization its not something that can be rushed nor is it my control whether that will happen what I have control over is writing and polishing the best manuscript. The other reality that came to me recently is that my novel I am working on may be my practice novel I have been busy and have written six novels since 2009 so again likely few of those may not see the light of day and could join the first as practice manuscript but I still have little bit of hope. So 2013 a fresh year in which I will work hard and continue to love writing.

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