Saturday, September 29, 2012


I recently found few poems that I had written, I stopped writing poetry because so much was going on at the time finishing college, next becoming a new mother, 2009 I began writing novels that end at 100K and haven't looked back, but I thought it would be fun to show a sample of my two favorite poems I wrote. Alone © Keisha Martin 1997 Here I sit all alone My fingers clenched coldness seeps through my bones. I start to wonder I start to see why there was no one left aside from me The world is cold hungry with fear I wish I had someone near, cradled my body in a ball I take my last breath and give in to the loneliness. That's it I wrote this poem when I was a teen, I wish I could time travel and see my younger self and figure out what was going on when I wrote that poem. Tears Of War © Keisha Martin War how vivid it be The redness of lost souls stains the midnight skies, The children weep but not for long, their hearts frozen forever The cruelness astonishing as can be Woman cry and hold their womb They would not see their precious ones The stillness of the night, leaves a mystery A nation destroyed on the mercy of the innocence When will the tears end and laughter roar, when will the green grass blow again in the hot summer sun When will all men be treated as one When.

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