Thursday, February 23, 2012


Currently I am working hard revising my first novel a YA Paranormal romance, recently I hit up my editor with a few questions, and also needing reassurance if it was normal that as things change so will my novel, she said it was normal and it is a scary feeling knowing the revision I made a year ago will not end the way it looked in my mind, and I am okay with that. I feel this means I am growing as a writer I am getting better because I am working hard at executing a great story that will hopefully not mimic what's on the shelves, my ediitor told me as well to let myself get in the world of my characters and normally I am a stubborn person but the funny thing is the characters that we spend so much time with because they are talking to us in our minds at times do take the wheel and steer the story, I came up with a new character that I never expected but I went with it because that is what the story needs, now I have to figure out how will he mesh with the main character, the antagonist to continue the plot, conflict etc.

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