Friday, January 6, 2012

Showing my work...eek I'm gonna hurl

I am terrified of showing my work, whoa I know that is something I must overcome, no writer can write and dream of publication without taking that brave step into showing their work. That is a major step throughout the journey and after 9agent/publishing house editor) So 2012 I have decided to take a leap and showcase my writing, as of late I have entered an anthology contest hosted by the Canadian Authors Association, and recently I entered contest here

I always assume its a long shot I will win, but last year I won a few books and a critique which I guess is not the same as getting a critique from an agent but another goal for 2012 is for me to appreciate all the scary strides I take and each mss I complete even in its rough bare butt glory its still a finished manuscript that I can at least tweak. So far I have written five mss, my madness led me to conjure up a plan if I have a few mss in different genres (POLISHED) perhaps that will enable me to boost my chances of getting signed by a wonderful agent, I am writing a YA SCI-FI next in which the aliens will kick butt for a bit and then all will be well...maybe. But, every hour, sec I get new ideas and another of my madness I have outlines for several ideas these occurred summer 2011 while at park with my girls so I will slow down check those ideas after I write sci-fi and see which will stick. in addition, I write adult novels so I may write one this summer as an aspiring writer I want to balance YA/Adult mss, okay that's all for now its 1:15a.m and no coffee but wide awake so I will get a book and read until my eyes feel like cement.

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