Monday, January 16, 2012

My blogging is pitiful especially when I clearly posted I will blog Monday's and Friday's the reason is this, I have not found a comfortable balance in which I can write, work, mom duties, remembering as well I am a spouse and lastly reading which is a must for aspiring writers such as myself. Although this year I promised I would not call myself an aspiring it comes the big word that has scared me for so long because its taking me awhile to accept I indeed is a writer. I have earned that title because the circles under my eyes have given me that honor lol. Now I will aspire to be an published author man that is so easy rolling off the tongue in reality its slow as molasses but worth it so my perseverance will never be compromised this is what I want and I won't stop honing my craft until it happens. So to my 32 followers and future followers in blogger space I have not forgotten you and thank each and every one of you that chose to follow me even when I don't blog everyday.

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