Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Progress Report

I was struggling today about what to blog about, I have not set a consistent day in which I blog because truthfully I need to think about what I want to blog about and just like writing it could take a while for the mind to get moving. Today's blog will be about updates. I am revising Ecliptic Dreams formerly known as Cove Awakening which I still have a soft spot for but since I decided to rewrite my novel changing the name sort of made it seem fresh again and I love titles in novels that reflect the seasons, universe etc i.e.TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, ECLIPSE etc. The revised title makes sense though with the story and the main character struggles so here is my WIP I am working on. ECLIPTIC DREAMS/YA Paranormal Romance: Professional editing/rewrites/revisions
Twilight SIREN/YA Fantasy Romance : First draft hope to be finished this by late spring RED DAWN YA/Dystopia Romance: First Draft aiming to finish in early spring
November Rain/YA Paranormal Romance ongoing maybe until early summer
Drum roll my first adult Erotica Mist of Moon(FYI I am terrified writing a naughty novel this is really a challenge if I can cope writing way out of my norm)
What was that significant moment in which you made a decision regarding your publication path?

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