Friday, February 18, 2011


I went to a workshop today organized by my union the amazing PSSP and was blown away by Kelly Walker this is the bio from his website.

Kelly Walker is an author and speaker as well as an accomplished singer songwriter - recording artist. He addresses audiences across North America with his spirited message of hope and courage and humour, addressing such timely concerns as change, burnout, leadership, humour and grief.

The week of 7-14 2011 had not been my greatest week I had difficulties with my clients and a disrespectful co-worker and although I confronted her appropriately in my quiet space I broke down and had a intense cry fest.

Today listening to Kelly, and his journeys through life decisions he made issues he confronted in his personal life it inspired me to accept that moments in which i feel I am in a hole, or darkness engulfs me its those moments that will enable me to come back stronger than ever. I really liked when he stated live, take care of me and give myself the opportunity
to groan and also to grow find the passion that will bring happiness, that made me realize no matter how long it takes I will continue to pursue my dream of getting published.

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