Saturday, October 12, 2013

Keeping up with the Kard...joking just simple me.

Blogging is hard I feel like I am writing for myself because as I scroll through various blogs which most are from writers I realize writers write similar blogs, many talk about the experience of getting stuck with plot(s), the journey of getting agented, the journey of getting published and some offer great writing resources. I read a post today by the awesome Janet Reid regarding agents appreciate writers/authors who have online presence however Janet Reid took this topic a step further and talked about when she is interested in authors she checks out their online presence and checks if the writing skills match the sample she looks at via query or requested pages. That really resonated with me because my first manuscript is still getting polished by my awesome editor but the writing I do on this blog is all me blood sweat and tears.I m pretty good going back and fixing spelling errors but the technical stuff of writing I always stress someone will point out my punctuation is not correct or I have a run on sentence etc which is issues I continue to work on and other known suspects. Janet Reid made perfect sense there has to be consistency in the writing aside from the voice in my opinion for example some days depending on my mood my blog post reflect that and I am an emotional writer in general when I write I really like to show the sorrow, the joy via my words sometimes when my characters are sad I try to write it in a way as if the words are bleeding. So again my ultimate goal is to continue to hone my craft and hope for the best so check out Janet Reid blog although she is not the right agent for me in regards to what manuscripts themes she is looking for she always writes engaging post and has fabulous resources for writers to utilize and I have participated in a few of her contest that are so fun and helps me continue to learn how to craft great intros or scenes. Happy writing Keisha Martin

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