Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Update and random thoughts.

Its hot in Toronto, but I am not complaining (okay I did) because few months prior I was looking out my window to heavy snow fall, wind, ice, and praying for heat, I use this theme in my books often there is never any middle ground humans in general are never really happy, and even if one attains to equalizing that middle ground I don't think its ever achievable because things always come up. I have been struggling with that theme trying to find equilibrium in my life being a mom, having a great career (off for summer woo hoo) and striving toward firstly acquiring a literary agent and then published. But until that happens I am still revising ECLIPSE almost done I cannot wait for the whole manuscript to be finished and then tackle synopsis (gah) and then the query and hopefully have another novel to query with the first its all easier said than done and will take time so until then my middle ground will be to take my time and enjoy the solace of writing. Keisha Martin

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